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Your previous qualifications may entitle you to exemptions from certain ACCA examinations. This will ensure that your point of entry is the most suitable for your level of knowledge and skills and will prevent you repeating areas with which you are already familiar. This database shows many of the qualifications which can be accepted for exemption. Students are advised to monitor the database regularly as ACCA's exemption policy is subject to change and assessments may be added or revised without prior notice.

If your programme of study does not appear on this database and you wish ACCA to conduct an individual assessment of your qualification(s) please submit your enquiry to the following address:

110 Queen Street
G1 3BX
United Kingdom

If your programme of study does appear on this database and you wish to obtain written confirmation of your exemption eligibility prior to registration with ACCA please submit your enquiry to the following address:

ACCA Connect
110 Queen Street
United Kingdom
G1 3BX

Please ensure that you submit copies of your completion certificates, academic transcripts (and official English translations where appropriate) with your letter of enquiry.

ACCA's Blanket Exemption Policy for Degree Qualifications

ACCA operates a blanket exemption policy which allows specific levels of exemption to be awarded to different degree-types obtained from institutions recognised by ACCA for the award of degree qualifications. If your degree has not been fully assessed by ACCA, you may still be entitled to exemption under the terms of ACCA's blanket policy. Further details relating to ACCA's blanket exemption policy can be found attached to each degree awarding institution contained within this database.

ACCA's Exemption Regulations

Exemption is only considered on the basis of qualifications which contain relevant content to ACCA papers at Parts 1 and 2. No exemption is awarded at Part 3.

The degree level exemptions listed within these web pages apply to students who have studied at the awarding institution for at least the second and final years of their qualification. Students who have completed franchised/twinning programmes which do not appear under the awarding institution should contact ACCA for further details of their exemption eligibility.

ACCA adopts the recommendations set by the British Council when evaluating international qualifications for exemption.

ACCA can take no responsibility for courses undertaken on the basis of the information contained within these web pages. Students are strongly advised to obtain written confirmation of their exemption status from ACCA before embarking on any course of study.

Exemption will be confirmed at the time of a student's initial registration with ACCA.

Exemption will be awarded only on provision of a student's completion certificate, academic transcript (and official English translations where appropriate).

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