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Passcodes for students, affiliates, members and workplace mentors
Welcome to the request passcode page. Here you can request a passcode for the first time or request a new passcode if you have forgotten your existing one.

If you can confirm the registration/membership number, e-mail address and date of birth that we hold for you, we will e-mail your passcode to you. Alternatively, we will send it to your registered postal address. Step 1

Please enter your registration/membership number below:
Registration/membership Number:  

Step 2

If you have registered your email address with ACCA and would like your new passcode e-mailed to you please also enter your e-mail address and date of birth and click on E-mail New Passcode below.
These details will be checked against the details we currently hold for you and if they match we will e-mail your new passcode to you.

Alternatively, if you would like your new passcode posted to your mailing address please click on Post New Passcode below.

Date of birth: Day (DD)  Month  Year(YYYY) 

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